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Baked White Fish in Smoked Rib Slices (Video Recipe)

Baked White Fish in Smoked Rib Slices (Video Recipe)

The recipe for baked white fish fillets in slices of smoked ribs (whether we use sea scorpion, cod or hake) is an extraordinary combination between the flavor and soft texture of the fish and the incredible aroma of the crispy smoked ribs.

  • 6 fillets of 200 gr each. of white fish (sea scorpion, cod, hake), about 2.5 cm thick, cleaned of bones
  • leaves from two strands of fresh rosemary
  • grated peel of two lemons
  • 20 slices of smoked ribs or pancetta
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • freshly ground pepper
  • mayonnaise or mustard sauce for serving

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

METHOD OF PREPARING THE RECIPE Ovened White Fish in Slices of Smoked Ribs (Video Recipe):

Heat the oven.

We cut the rosemary leaves very finely.

Season the fish fillets with grated lemon peel, chopped rosemary and ground pepper. Depending on how big the fish fillets are, we put 2-3 slices of ribs next to each other, slightly overlapping.

Place a fish fillet on top and wrap it in slices of smoked ribs.

Prepare the stove and a non-stick pan in which we put the oil. Place the fish wrapped in the ribs in the pan and fry for 1 minute on each side.

We prepare a dish for the oven in which we place the fish fillets. Put the remaining oil in the pan on top. Put the bowl in the preheated oven for 12-15 minutes.

Remove the dish from the oven when the ribs become golden and crispy. Serve hot, with mayonnaise or mustard sauce on top, with asparagus garnish or new boiled potatoes.


How to cook canned fish with vegetables and tomato sauce in the oven or on the stove?

I heated the oven to 180 C (medium to high for gas). I placed the lid over the form and put everything in the oven, on the lowest rail. I left 180 C for the first 30 minutes then reduced to 160 C and baked the zacusca for another 2 and a half hours. Do not mix or add liquid!

If you boil canned fish in flax pressure cooker you will have to time 60 minutes from the moment the pot starts to simmer, ie after it enters the cooking mode.

I got a little out of the lid and it burned locally & # 8230 that's why I said use more capacious dishes. The content was not affected. I let the fish zacusca cool in the oven, with the lid on. In the morning it looks like you see below on the left. If you keep it cold (fridge) it will look like in the bottom right.

OBSERVATION: if you intend to prepare canned fish for the winter (in a jar) you will have to bottle it immediately, while it is hot. See below how it's done.

Potatoes au gratin with ham and white sauce with sour cream

Potatoes au gratin with ham and white sauce with sour cream & # 8211 are a little different & # 8211 are made with raw potato slices. It works faster and does not require the typical planning of other gratins. That is, skip the step that involves boiling potatoes in their skins (as in French fries for example & # 8211 recipe here). Obviously, the baking time is prolonged a bit, but the result is a special one. Red, golden potatoes, diced smoked bacon & # 8211 all bathed in a white, fine and creamy sauce, enriched with a little grated cheese.

This recipe by potatoes au gratin with ham and white sauce with sour cream it is an improvisation of mine, something between the famous dauphinoise potatoes and savoyard gratin (where the cheeses also appear). In both recipes mentioned above, the potatoes are used raw, peeled and cut into thin slices and the surrounding sauce is composed of sweet and fatty cream (liquid whipped cream for cooking). I partially replaced this cream with a white sauce (bechamel) more diluted than usual, composed of a little flour, butter and a lot of milk to which I added a good handful of grated cheese (Cheddar in this case) as well as some sweet cream (for whipped cream).

In the meantime, I tested another recipe for potato flour au gratin with smoked ham & # 8211 Norwegian potatoes & # 8211 recipe can be found here.

The aroma of this sauce can be finely ground cumin, nutmeg, lemon (grated peel), thyme or rosemary (not all at once!). I chose to flavor these potatoes with ground black pepper and cumin powder. The secondary taste comes from the kaiser cubes (ribs, bacon) scattered among the potato slices.

You can find it here Bechamel sauce recipe (white). In this recipe I will prepare a Bechamel sauce much more diluted, with much less flour.

Other variations can be obtained by replacing the grated cheese with cheeses with distinct flavors & # 8211 Stilton, Gorgonzola, Emmentaler, Brie, Roquefort, Mimolette or neaosa spicy and salty bellows cheese.

These gratin potatoes can be a stand-alone meal or a festive garnish in addition to some Romanian steaks with rich sauces. We ate them as such, next to a crispy cabbage salad. They are very good the next day, cold (kept in the pantry). Whoever wants can reheat them for 2-3 minutes in the microwave.

From the quantities below it results approx. 6-8 servings of potatoes au gratin with ham and white sauce with sour cream.

Over breaded

Over breaded recipes: how to cook breaded fish and the tastiest recipes for fish food, fish soup, fish dishes, fish food, baked fish, salted fish brine, smoked fish paste, mackerel fish brine, fish paste with mayonnaise, baked fish on potato bed.

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Delicious fish paste

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Baked Breaded Chicken

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Over delicious in the oven

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Over the river, fried

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Baked fish

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Baked fish

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Fish in brine

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Baked lamb steak - homemade recipe

use the thighs, a few pieces of neck and some ribs that are delicious 2 bundles green onions 4 bundles green garlic dried garlic for breading salt, white wine in abundance

Fish bowls

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Classic fried fish

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Breaded pork tenderloin (rolled)

a pork tenderloin (approx. 1 kg) 100 - 150 g smoked bacon 1-2 semi-smoked or smoked sausages 10 cloves of garlic 5 tablespoons of oil salt to taste freshly ground black pepper rosemary and other spices according to everyone's preference.

Baked Fish With French Fries

Fish dishes - 1 fish fillet - 4 medium carrots - spices: salt pepper delicate little chilli butter paprika seasoning for fish - 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs - 1 clove garlic - lemon slices.

Fish fillets

Meals, Fish dishes, Fish for 4 servings: 2 slices of wholemeal bread, 4 tablespoons grated Parmesan, 2 tablespoons chopped green parsley, 500 grams of fish fillet (any white fish, I used turbot fillets), 4 tablespoons yogurt, 4 tablespoons mayonnaise, 2 teaspoons dijon mustard.

Potato salad with smoked fish

Salads, Fish salads, 8 potatoes, 4 eggs, 200 g smoked fish (I had mackerel), 2 onions, mayonnaise, salt, oil, vinegar.

Baked fish

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Over the oven

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Fish plate

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Grilled fish with potatoes

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Potato croquettes

Bread crumbs 600 gr potatoes (or mashed potatoes) 1 egg 100 gr cheese pepper salt 2-3 tablespoons flour for breading: 50 gr bread crumbs 1 egg 50 gr flour oil

Breaded pork tenderloin

Dill 1 piece of pork tenderloin 1 tomato a few slices of kaizer a few slices of cheese (I used goat cheese, that's why I had it at home) 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt 2-3 cloves of garlic dried dill rosemary. salt pepper


Appetizers, Appetizers with fish, Over 350 gr grated cheese 6 eggs 500 gr fish (I used fillets) 5 tablespoons flour + 4 crumbs salt and pepper juice from half a lemon.

Smoked Fish Salad

Salads, Fish salads, Fish 4 - 5 smaller potatoes 150 gr frozen vegetables (Mexican mixture) 200 gr smoked fish (herring) olives 1 lemon 1 small onion salad leaves for decoration

Baked fish

Fish dishes for 4 servings: 4 slices of fish 5 garlic cloves 2 tablespoons mayonnaise a bunch of parsley a tablespoon butter a lemon

Grilled fish with garlic sauce

Dishes with over 6 fish fillets (pangasius, mackerel, cod, etc.) spices for fish juice from 1 lemon 6 cloves garlic 2 tablespoons oil 300 g yogurt aluminum foil

Fish meatballs

Minced meat, Fish, Appetizers 500 g shredded white fish 100 g breadcrumbs 2 boiled potatoes 1 onion salt pepper 2 cloves garlic 3 tablespoons oil 1 bunch green parsley

Cabbage smoked

Meals, Meat food, Christmas 3 suitable cabbages 2 carrots 2 onions 1 red capsicum 1 green bell pepper smoked ribs kaizer breaded smoked bacon 1 bunch of dill ½ kg tomatoes 1-2 tablespoons tomato paste paprika sweet pepper mosaic dried Romanian thyme was from.

Baked fish fillets with mustard, parsley and tomatoes

Prepare the stove and a frying pan in which we put 2 tablespoons of oil.
Add onion and garlic and cook for 2-3 minutes.
When the onion becomes translucent, add the tomatoes.
Season with salt and pepper and mix. Let it boil slowly for 5-7 minutes, without a lid.
Finely chop the parsley.

Wipe the fish fillets well with an absorbent towel. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper on both sides.
We prepare the mustard sauce. Mix the mustard well with the remaining oil (2 tablespoons) and the chopped parsley.
When the vegetables are soft, turn off the stove.
We are preparing a heat-resistant vessel.
Put the vegetable sauce in the heat-resistant dish. Place the spicy fish fillets on top. Grease each fish fillet with mustard paste and parsley.
Cover the dish with aluminum foil and put it in the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes.
Remove from oven.
Serve, preferably with boiled potatoes.

Baked pork ribs (kaiser, smoked pork breast) & # 8211 steak recipe with notched rind

Baked pork ribs (kaiser, smoked pork breast) & # 8211 steak recipe with notched rind. Pork breast with thyme and cumin. Boiled and smoked pork ribs, baked in the oven, with extremely tender and juicy meat and crispy rinds. Kaizer steak. Red and juicy pork breast steak.

This roast pork rib steak is great tasty! A quick recipe that is easy to prepare. I generally use boiled and smoked pork breast (Kaiser, kaizer) from my own production or from trade (from the butcher).

Here's what the commercially boiled and smoked ribs or kaiser look like. You will need such a piece if you do not have a house kaiser.

If you want to make this steak from raw and smoked kaiser you will have to use the product freshly removed from the smoke, not a dry one (because otherwise the steak will come out rubbery). This homemade kaizer must be "steamed" beforehand for 1 hour at 80 C. I put it in the oven in a tray with hot water (covered with aluminum foil or with a lid) and set the temperature to 80 C. The recipe for the kaizer home you can find it here.

See how juicy the steak comes out! How beautifully browned the mouse is! Of flavors & # 8230 what more can I say? Thyme, cumin, pepper and a discreet aroma of smoke.

From these quantities results about 4-5 portions of roast pork ribs in the oven. It can be served with a garnish of potatoes, bread and lettuce, pickles or just with grated horseradish in vinegar and homemade pita.

Rabbit with grapes and ribs

To be honest, everything you need to know is about rabbit meat with grapes, wrapped in finely sliced ​​ribs and cooked in papillote. The rabbit wrapped tightly in tasty slices of ribs is not Bugs Bunny, nor Bocanila, nor any other famous eared, but an anonymous rabbit, without personal charisma, I could swear that he was neither white, nor fluffy, nor even cute , so there is no point in regretting it. In fact, this rabbit had a unique but great quality: it had a very fine, tender and tasty meat. And to remain in the memory of posterity exactly as it was, tender and tasty, I cooked the rabbit in a way that would make it stand out as best it could, with sweet grape kernels and thin strips of ribs to adds flavor and juiciness.

Preparation time: 00:25 hours
Cooking time: 00:30 hours
Total Time: 00:55 hours
Number of servings: 3
Degree of difficulty: environment

  • 600 grams of rabbit weighed with bone (I used 3 so-called & # 8222 previous rabbit quarters & # 8221)
  • 150 grams of finely sliced ​​ribs (I used the traditional rib from Angst)
  • 12 grapes (4 berries entered each papillote)
  • 400 grams of broccoli
  • 1 green onion
  • 200 grams of baby carrots
  • 40 grams of butter
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 100 ml. sweet red wine
  • 3 small rosemary branches
  • 1 bay leaf
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon sauce worcester
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • in addition: aluminum foil and baking paper

Preparation Rabbit with grapes and ribs:

Not long ago, I prepared a very tasty appetizer with rabbit chops (here's the recipe) and if I had found the wonderful rabbit chops this time too, I would have been relieved of some work, but I also managed with these & # 8222rear quarters & # 8221, it's basically the back leg and a piece of rib and chop, which I deboned so as to get a single piece of meat.

To bring the flavor and juiciness of rabbit meat, which we all know is very weak, we used the traditional rib from Angst, which produces and sells meat and meat products under the motto & # 8222Excellence makes the difference & # 8221.

This rib is very, very pleasantly spicy, completely deboned and if you slice it finely on the electric slicer & # 8230 you get something that beats by far and the most pretentious imported bacon.

How did I proceed? First, in a pan I browned the rabbit bones in 1 tablespoon of oil on all sides, I added the whole garlic clove and the chopped onion, I extinguished everything with red wine, I put in the pan 1 sprig of rosemary and 1 leaf of bay leaves and I covered everything with hot water, leaving it to simmer at the right heat, because this will be the steak sauce.

I put on the fire a pot (2-3 liters) with water about half full.

I finely chopped the leaves of the 2 remaining rosemary branches, then I seasoned the 3 pieces of meat with salt (be careful, not much salt because the ribs are salty), freshly ground pepper and chopped rosemary.

On each piece of meat thus prepared I placed 4 grapes cut in half and as much as possible with the seeds removed.

Roll the slices of meat with the grapes inside, as tightly as possible.

On a piece of baking paper about 25 & # 21525 cm in size. I arranged a uniform layer of thin slices of ribs and then placed the package of rabbit meat (picture 1). I wrapped the package of rabbit meat tightly in the rib slices (picture 2) and gathered the baking paper by twisting the ends tightly. I also used baking paper and aluminum foil because there are thousands of rumors circulating on the internet about the toxicity of many things, including aluminum foil, which I noticed that professionals use without care, but let's be careful, for this time! So I doubled the packages already wrapped in baking paper with aluminum foil, wrapping tightly, tightly.

The packages are put in the pot with boiling water then the fire is reduced to a minimum. It can be pulled even away from the fire if it boils, the water temperature must be kept around 75-80 degrees for 20 minutes, not to boil.

I took advantage of the break time to prepare some garnishes that even the rabbit jumper would appreciate, so I chose carrots and broccoli.

I boiled the carrots in half in salted water, drained them and sautéed them in 20 grams of butter, with 1 teaspoon of sugar, salt and pepper. Keep the glazed carrots warm.

The broccoli bunches are boiled in salted water, drained and blended with 1 sliced ​​green onion, salt and pepper to taste and 20 grams of butter. Keep the broccoli puree warm.

After 20 minutes, the packages are taken out of the water, unwrapped and double smelled. :)

Heat a frying pan on the fire, add 1 tablespoon of oil and brown the meat packets on all sides over medium heat.

After they have browned, remove the meat packets from the pan, cover with aluminum foil or a lid and let them rest for 10 minutes before cutting them, as only our rabbit has flown enough and has it takes time to catch his breath.

The sauce must already be quite low (it is not a thick sauce, rather a reduction), strain it through a sieve, adjust the taste with salt, pepper, orchid sauce and balsamic vinegar.

Cut each piece obliquely and arrange it on the plate, I placed them in a nest of broccoli puree.

Fill the plate with the poured sauce and the glazed carrots.

This superbly colored and especially extraordinarily tasty dish was inspired not by one, but by two recipes found on the net (this and that). As you can see, I made one of the two, of course giving up some and adding others according to my own inspiration. :)

How to make smoked bacon in Transylvania and Banat? Traditional bacon or cliché recipe (not ham!)

How to make smoked bacon in Transylvania and Banat? The traditional recipe for bacon or cliché (not ham!) How to prepare tender and melted bacon bacon in the mouth? How is the bacon seasoned? How many weeks does bacon stay in salt or stain? How do you smoke homemade sausages?

Slana or smoked cliché is one of the emblematic traditional sausages from Transylvania and Banat. Pork bacon has been prepared throughout Transylvania and throughout Banat for over 1000 years and the recipes show small variations depending on the Saxon, Hungarian or Swabian influence.

You can write whole pages about how to make smoked bacon. First of all, we need to clarify the name: bacon, cliché or bacon. Point. The word bacon has Slavic origins (bacon from lb. Serbian and Bulgarian)) and was also taken over by the Hungarians (szalonna). The word slime has Bulgarian origins (klisa).

By no means is it called ham (as it is wrong to say in Moldova and the Kingdom). Ham is a word of Hungarian origin (Sönke) and German (Schinken or Schunk & # 8211 in dialect).

This is PORK HAM & # 8211, ie ham (Transylvanian ham or Banat ham) & # 8211 the recipe here.

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O reteta delicioasa de Ceviche de Pescado din: peste alb, suc de limete, usturoi, ardei, chilies jalapenos, sare, piper, ceapa, telina, coriandru, frunze de salata, porumb, cartofi si lamaie. preparat specific peruan Ingrediente: un kg de peşte alb o ceaşcă de suc de limete un căţel de usturoi pisat doi ardei tocaţi mărunt doi chiles [&hellip]

Sufleu de peste alb

Sufleu de peste alb din: salau, lapte, oua, faina, unt. Ingrediente: 1/2 kg salau 300 ml lapte 2 oua faina unt Mod de preparare: Pui la fiert peştele în apă rece cu sare. După ce a fiert, îl laşi să se răcească în apa în care a fiert, îl cureţi apoi de piele şi [&hellip]

Peste cu patrunjel verde

Peste cu patrunjel verde din: ceapa, usturoi, ulei, rosii, sare, piper, file de peste, capere, patrunjel, mustar. Ingrediente : 2 cepe 2 catei de usturoi 4 linguri ulei 500 g rosii taiate bucatele sare piper circa 600 g file de peste alb (salau, cod, merluciu) 2 linguri capere 1 legatura de patrunjel verde 1 lingura [&hellip]

Salata cu peste alb, ciuperci marinate si maioneza

Salata cu peste alb, ciuperci marinate si maioneza din: file de peste, ceapa, morcov, ciuperci, castraveti, oua, ulei, lamaie, frunza, boabe de mustar, sare, piper, patrunjel. Ingrediente: 500 g fileuri de peşte alb o ceapă albă un morcov un borcan de ciuperci marinate doi castraveţi muraţi două ouă 250 ml ulei o lămâie o frunză [&hellip]

Fileuri de peste alb cu usturoi si migdale

Fileuri de peste alb cu usturoi si migdale din: file peste, lamaie, sare, usturoi, galbenus, ulei, piper, cimbru, patrunjel, foi de dafin, migdale sau nuci. Ingrediente : 8 fileuri de peste 1 lamaie sare 8-10 catei de usturoi 2 galbenusuri 250 ml ulei 1 varf de cutit piper 1-2 fire cimbru patrunjel verde 2-3 foi de [&hellip]

Peste alb in suc de legume

Peste alb in suc de legume din: ceapa, legume, unt, usturoi, file de cod, sare, piper, suc de lamaie, hrean. Ingrediente: 1 ceapa 1 legatura legume pentru supa (morcov, patrunjel, telina) 2 linguri mari de unt 1 catel de usturoi 4 fileuri de cod sare piper 1 lingura suc de lamaie 1 lingurita hrean ras [&hellip]

File de peste cu condimente

File de peste cu condimente din: fileuri de peste alb, usturoi, faina, otet, ulei, coriandru, chimen, chili, sare, piper. Ingrediente: 4 fileuri de peste alb (de 150 g fiecare) 3 catei de usturoi 2 albusuri 3 linguri faina 2 linguri otet de mere 4 linguri ulei 1 lingura seminte de coriandru 1/2 lingurita chimen macinat [&hellip]

Peste alb cu cartofi si mustar

Peste alb cu cartofi si mustar din: cartofi, sare, piper, apa cu vegeta, smantana, mustar, file de cod, lamai, unt, ceapa verde, busuioc. Ingrediente: 1 kg cartofi rezistenti la fiert sare piper 350 ml apa fiarta cu Vegeta sau Delikat 200 g smantana 1-2 linguri de mustar 6 fileuri de cod sucul unei lamai 30 [&hellip]

Peste cu sos de usturoi

Peste cu sos de usturoi Ingrediente: 4 fileuri de peste alb 50 g faina amestecata cu un varf de cutit de praf de copt 1ou 125 ml bere 80 ml ulei de masline 50 g pesmet Ingrediente sos: 2 cartofi mari cruzi curatati de coaja, 4 catei de usturoi, 1 lingura otet alb, sare, piper, [&hellip]

Fileuri de peşte cu salată

Fileuri de peşte cu salată Ingrediente: 4 fileuri de peşte alb un sSfert de varză albă un sfert de varză roşie un morcov 3 ouă 3 linguri de făină 250 ml smîntînă 3 fire de mentă o lingură de oţet balsamic ulei de măsliine sare, piper ulei seminţe de chimen nucşoară Preparare: Fileurile de peşte [&hellip]